Kyu & Dan (senior) Grades

Seniors are divides by intermediates or cadets (up to 21 years old) and those over. Seniors grade from Novice (white belt) to 1st Kyu (brown belt). After this they embark on the difficult Dan grades.


Grading from novice to 4th Kyu is held within the club by the student’s coach. Other grades can be within the club or external, but with a different examiner to the student’s coach.

Brighton Judo Club president Mick Leigh, is a 8th Dan, one of only a few in the country. The highest award in Judo is the Shihan, which has never been awarded. Fewer than ten people have ever been awarded the red belt Judan or 10th Dan.

Please find links to the grading syllabus below:

Novice to 6th Kyu   6th to 5th Kyu  5th to 4th Kyu

4th to 3rd Kyu   3rd to 2nd Kyu   2nd to 1st Kyu

Dan grade resources