Take Part Festival Of Sport – 17th June 2017

Based on The Level in Brighton, the Take Part Festival saw clubs from all around the city coming together to promote their sports to the wider community. Finding ourselves situated between Baseball, Bow & Arrow Tag and Hula Hooping,  we soon became adept at dodging the incoming projectiles (!) & our outdoor mat area attracted lots of attention.

Despite the heat and blinding sunlight (which from experience was not pleasant when being held down!) we had a fantastic day, with lots of interested new participants of all ages. Newcomers were given a taster of Judo with most being shown at least Osoto otoshi & Kesa Gatame as single techniques and then as a combination.

Many thanks to all who came along and helped out – Bruce & family, Terry, Mike & Laurence. It’s fair to say it proved a great success! You can find a selection of images from the day below.